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Trump is the most incompetent, inexperienced, irresponsible, incoherent, inarticulate, illiterate, indecisive, irrational, illogical, idiotic, insensitive, indecent, inhumane, insane and corrupt individual in the history of the presidency! He fires all of the experts who tell the truth because the truth doesn’t fit his agenda! He fires them and replaces them with his family and friends, that’s why Eric’s party planner is in charge of H.U.D in NYC!. A crowd full of racists. Hating on a black man. No surprise here.. Is this really what they care about? No wonder our country has gone to shit in 4 years…the only people claiming things are better now than they were 4 years ago are the blind idiots who believe everything trump says. I noticed no division in this country several years ago, now we are more divided than we’ve been since the 1860’s.. It’s funny that a bunch of losers saying a Champion sucks! Haters gonna hate!

Jesus god lion christmas sweater

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This is unfortunate. They shouldn’t have done this so close to the election.. Labaron needs to be flipping hamburgers he’s a socialist ass hat who pisses on America after she has given him so much. Garrett Predmore he deserves it. Lebrons social stance is a joke. So much hate!. Yeah LeBron James. I think there all shit I really do. LE BRON JAMES IS A SMART MAN. Now that’s funny.. Trump 2020. God help us. Trump is a man full of hatred.. LEBRON JAMES IS COMPLETELY CLUELESS. stick to politics geeze. Trump America Savior. lol and people say Trump supporters do not know facts lol. Well this proves beyond a doubt they do lol. Trump is a clown. Idiotic President and his cult followers. Lebron signed this death certificate.. I big cesspool full of idiots Making America great again???? I didn’t think so … See More. He does suck . Yup. Trump sucks

Jesus god lion christmas sweater

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Nascar wanted cause and hamlin in the final four.. Go back to talladega hamlin want pentalogy for gaining positions below the double yellow. Chase penalty was changed also.. The 11 and Gibbs racing should have penalty. Not 100% racing and team orders. Team orders not against the rules but some years ago Jeff Gordon made the playoff because someone was told to pit.. So you get fired and lose your ride at Gibbs and then your still supposed to follow orders? Hell with that. Jones should have passed him and said see ya. He clearly had a better car at that point.. That is a violation of the sporting regulation NASCAR issued after Spingate. Nothing so far about a fine, penalty, etc. But I thought any manipulation of race results was a big no no.. That used to be against the rules but NASCAR plays fast and loss with the rules all the time

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So what on team communications? It is all about winning and none of NASCAR’s business how. NASCAR brain dead third generation pansy ass management has all but trashed stock car racing with 1) cookie cutter 1 1/2 mile tracks, 2) rendering manufacturers Ford, Chev, Toyota, formerly Dodge irrelevant with cookie cutter cars only decals tell you what they are, 3) allowing, like any bureaucratic organization, excessive and ever mounting non-sensical self serving rules. Bill France would be horrified at what his grandchildren have done to a great sport-neutered it, trashed it and ultimately kill it.. It’s been going on for years!. That not Wright if he had. The car to past. If that’s true then they should both be banned from racing. This the reason why nascar can’t fill the seats at any track even before COVID hit not worth watching anymore. That’s the reign of joes little boys.. Total BS. After they fired him I would have stuck it to them. What were they going to do? Im so tired of seeing the same people win all of the time.

Anyone watching knew that was the case…..just have mixed thoughts about it…really think kevin should be 1 of the 4 racing for a championship in Phoenix. NASCAR messed up a lot the 9 should have a pit road penalty. NASCAR has gotten away with calls like this in the past but fans will not accept this inconsistency now.. The #11 is not a team player. Too bad the #20 is.. no different than when MWR did the same thing that cost Martin Truex his Napa sponsorship and his ride. Sounds just like MWR years ago with Truex ultimately being eliminated from the chase. Michael waltrip lost his racing teams because of shit like that. That’s like two boxers fighting that have the same promoter and telling one of them to take the fall… Well then I hope no11 does not win the championship. Wait. Wasn’t there an issue like this at Richmond with Michael Waltrip racing a few years back!?!?!?!

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