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Johan Afonso. in games like those I really get angry that we didn’t buy Sancho because that’s whom we needed today. Tonje Teig. Maguire should be left out. Why spend £40 million on a player and don’t play him, no pace in the team, should of left Mata on. Negative approach to the game set the team up to not to loose.. Why is Donny not starting? He is what we need to break down defences with a combination of Fernandes and Mata! James is not good enough for first team.. I think same as you pal players all please there selves they are all it and mis it one big joke At Manchester at the moment. Our defenders we good the problem was at james who can run with the ball until he missed it without either crossing or passing to the strikers, luke shaw and Aaron w were also doing the same mistake. Luke was watching wat the no24 of chelsea was playi… See More

LA lakers 2020 NBA finals champions

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How this was not a penalty we will never understand. No one realises his hard work and composure. Much love LUKE. Steve Musili You always cried for Bailey to start. Started and gave away a goal in a 6-1 thrashing.. Our new Roy Keane in the make. The game was good but we missed that link.. Maybe we nneded to introduce Van De Beek in the second half.. And This chelsea goal keep is the man of match…. Donny was poor today , oh wait he didn’t play . Poor Donny. Daniel Gregory. Krish K Seechurn. Defensively best game of McGuire and lindeloff together , good game James is useless Cavani did so much more in 30 min then James in 60. Nannio Cheto. Zakria Kassim. That ole can laugh at the handshake, that he doesn’t let vdb play it will cost him the job. Man of the Match . Cam Mills Newcastle and PSG wins. Chelsea draw.

LA lakers 2020 NBA finals champions

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Kind of tells you all that you need to know about the game that a defender was our best player. He played well but we were so poor going forward and had no urgency until the last few minutes. Fred stepped on every grass, including the advertising board.. Maguire should start coming to the field with knife now against Chelsea before referee could see that he had foul a player.. Williams Bright
My issue with Ole is simply the fact that he’s annoying/clueless…. Did he buy VDB, Cavani, Telles, Igahlo to be benched?
It’s time we avoid Maguire as a player, likewise James & Martial for now.. Good defensive play but we should have attacked more,James was a liability today van der beek need to start playing regularly he is a good player.. Hahaahaa this is a Joke. That game didn’t produce Man of The Match. None of the team produced anything worth to have someone who played well.

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Tuoyo Amuah. I Wonder how some pple understands football.
This is a very tactical game from two coaches who are under pressure to turn things around.. Taiwo Wizzy Ayodeji. Naison Andile Nali. Andy Ian Miller. Dan McGinn. Eze Uchenna Emmanuel. At home we play like we are so timid and scare of Chelsea!! Currently slightly better than relegation form. At Man Utd, there must be certain expectations as the biggest club in UK and one of the biggest in the world. Disappointing result!!. With Ole as the coach, I bet we could not win any trophy at all. He is not serious!. Play our best 11 and make changes quicker when needed, Ole not doing himself any good tonight.. Vincent Obuya
All the best next time, but Ole should have made better tactical decisions like he did against PSG. . Where are all those fans who said ” in ole we trust ” after united won against a poor version of psg ? Because that’s your reality !! Loosing 2 points at home against a team who used to park the bus with 5 defenders … Ole could play offensively but n… See More

It was a mistake to start this game with James. There’s nothing that stops him from starting Cavani for Rashford to play through the flank.. Dull. 11 dunces making a bang average Chelsea team look like world beaters.
The IQ of this squad must be frighteningly low.. my advice to ole if he still likes his job is to beware of james ,martial and Maguire .Maguire is good but players form matters when making selection #GGMU. WELL PLAYED LADS. Sausker Nana Osei Adjabeng. United fans will always complain for any outcome ….. always expect the unexpected…a game always has 3 outcomes ..a win a draw or a lose…never expect to win all the way through as if you’re playing against yourself…. Ijummah Ogochukwu Chibu. Its 4 games now and we are losing points beet by beet and and the fans who are blinded buy the psg win think ole is still the right coach for man utd someone who is very poor with tactics

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