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Ole is the problem of this team not the players.. united are realy improving it is not like the time they were playing against AIA and am seeing united making good results. Cool down before the big. Let’s hope this “cold look” isn’t going to be a cold game for United against Chelsea. SayidAli Hassan. I dunno what the designers at Adidas are trying to achieve, I’m guessing create the worst designs conceivable and see what happens. With a splash of blue??? U.G.L.Y. Chris Gillies Good news – I was able to finish reading the last half of War And Peace uninterrupted whilst watching the game, so at least somebody won.. Solskjaer isn’t coach,he is just pretending to be.If Chelsea fails to scoup 3points then they should blame themselves.We have the worst captain with too much shock.Let him fight again with Shaw today.. Flex Marley. i am suporter from malawi am not happy with maguire as captain and hes playing he have many problems i wonder coach use his guy ok anyway our man of the match is wan bisaka

Los angeles city of champions

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He did nothing great. Agenda with axel not playing. We should not force a player to play your own style…I mean the attacking took everything got on AwB was running in a motion,, couldn’t pressurized opponents anymore yet didn’t have anything to show the wasted energy. He should start playing van de beek and alex tunzabee so much talent on bench and not much on pitch. Kuda Hommann Nyamazunzu. He has been much improved over the last couple of games.. The tactical approach of the coach was clear from the onset…He wanted to st bk and then use Rash and James’ speed but turns out only Rash was upto to the task….It is better we loan James before all transfer window close……As for our defense,they… See More. Avikar Ramith. You’re all slating ole yet none of you would have a clue what it would be like to manage a job like Manchester United it’s hard to fill Ferguson’s shoes as everyone forgot fergie was almost sacked before he started winning trophies fair does I dont kno… See More

Los angeles city of champions

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The first touch was amazing. We are much optimistic. Finally the depth in our squad is starting to bear fruits…just sad we couldn’t score. Chelsea have their keeper to thank.. Edinson Cavani did more with his first touch than Daniel James all game.. Is this guy just forgotten about or what.. El Shad Kheyi. Playing like grannies out there. Come on boys! Lets get some quicker build up play GGMU!. Captain love Captain…Ohhhh, Maguire!. Should have started! James is out of his depth.. The highlights, in case you missed the game. Not even a pause to check. Good to see VAR still backs United.. Elias Bura. Steven Brown. It would be luck if we win. This guy isn’t ready to coach a massive club like Manchester United. He’s tactically confused. Why buy a player you don’t need? Why bench Tuanzebe?. Rakesh Meher. The 1st touch was so clinical and magical. We have strong Hopes in Cavani

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Nobert Nyandire
Never ever start that Daniel James again while Van De Beek is left on the bench . Come on I believe in you cavani, rap this up.
Comeeeeeee oooooooon. Theint. Isn’t it considered cheating when you get on the pitch flying? . Alex Marsh. Steven Bradshaw. Cavani needs time.. Need at least 2-3 more games to gain his confident and rhythm… Why do ole always bench ighalo but plays James. Travis V Mekanak. The best forward legend Cavani. Mohit Mehra. Why in God’s name did our coach file that terrible lineup in the first place? Is Ole trying to get himself fired?. Farhan Kamarudin
should start VDB and Cavani instead of James
he’s so clueless. What does Ole see in Dan James? I am confused.. This is the sort of match that’s encouraged me to get the spreadsheet out for better entertainment. Worked out that the two lineups are worth £743m in transfer fees alone; £1.041bn if you include the benches. Utd slightly more expensive but it’s close.… See More

Prevlin CR Seven Naidoo. Beating chelsea is easy, just defend deep and counter attack their backline and highline is fragile bt keep that attack at bay they are dangerous. How can he bench Tuanzebe and Telles when they played brilliantly against Mbappe, Neymar and the rest of PSG.
I won’t even start on other changes.. Rony Patel. Whoever plays well, sits on the bench…except Maguire who plays terribly but still gets a chance !. Deserves the sack. If you buy players, you play them. Not play fred or james. What happened to telles or cavani or van der beek? What happened to tuanzebe? Come on Ole, you are better than this.. Alot of haters for ole today – what will you be saying if we win?? He has to rotate the squad, look at how knackered we were the last few games of the season when he wasn’t rotating. And you cant keep putting people in and out based on 1 good game. Sup… See More

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