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Ole a Rabbit in the headlights. WTF do you start Maguire and James. Not fit to wear the shirt. One is a 80 Million pound fridge and the other a headless chicken…. He just said you have to reward players for playing well WTF! Did he not watch the midweek match. Weak leadership. We need pace at the back against this opposition and we drop our fastest CB and replace him with our slowest. Sherwen Rosenberg. Honestly there is no creativity in the midfield apart from Bruno Fernandes who is not getting targeted and man marked. We are playing Fred and mctominay who sit deep and make no runs. Fred take 3 or 4 touches before making a pass slows us up. We starte… See More. Why can’t we start our matches with our best players?. How does daniel james get a place in the first team let alone a starting position! Greenwood, cavani, martial, even the under 21’s team are better choice over James! Telles didnt even make the bench after the super debut he made in the week! What is g… See More Monica monica have a happy hannukah mug – Teasearch3d 161020

Monica monica have a happy hannukah mug – Teasearch3d 161020

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This coach is seriously joking around. He has no targets at the end of the season and can hence tinker and experiment as long as he is employed.. Kiuna Ndungu. Kim Stanley. Decisions like this is why fans turn on managers very easily! We watched Tuanzebe outclass most players on the pitch and now he’s back on the bench! Wtf!. How can you start Daniel James ? How? He is so rubbish. Not even a championship level! Why? Why VdB pogba and greenwood are not starting ?! This Manager is not good enough for the job.. Trust me even against Newcastle we were 1-0 down in just 10mins…I don’t think so we win this match!! Ole is clueless tectis!! Were the hell is all our new signings??? . Surprised by #MUFC lineup. Good v low-block at NU, but Chelsea are very different. It’s good for a front press, but if Chelsea escape that with their pace & creativity up top Monica monica have a happy hannukah mug – Teasearch3d 161020

Monica monica have a happy hannukah mug – Teasearch3d 161020

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John Yavana
Ole can’t take us anywhere!
Two steps forward, four steps back.. Have to blame this result on the manager, team selection made zero sense.. Having a weak clueless manager makes players lose focus they just play for the sake, there is no hunger to win the game, we have good players but the manager doesn’t have any idea on how to make the team achieve results, a draw is achievement for man … See More. Wouldn’t mind seeing VDB instead of James if Greenwood isn’t starting. As Giggsy said not a quality game. It was going to be a tough game but our players really lack intellegince apart from Mata and Fernandes. Too many touches and dribbles. Ole is not going to last this season with this play. James for 50mins of non exis… See More. Saminaj Van De Munyaka. Thought I had a bad day, but then I saw Van De Beek on the bench having to watch Fred on the pitch.

Kim Anthon. I don’t think we will going to win this game with this selection.. Ole you’re right but some players need to start ahead cos this a very big game for the season.. Ld ÏPeo MacMompe. Bit of a shocker starting 11 tbh..maguire should’ve been benched, captain r not..James on i just don’t get at all. Glad martial isn’t on,only positive… Typical solskjaer interview doesn’t know what he’s talking about himself let alone telling the Dan’s. Terrible team selection and I hope I’m wrong but I fear the worst. I bet Danny van De beek wishes he had stayed at Ajax . I am an Ole backer 100%, but my feelings are maybe Pogba should start together with Fred and Scott. Bruno in front of them behind Greenwood and Rashford in a 4-3-1-2 formation. But then again Ole has proven us wrong twice in the last 2 matches and I re… See More

Ole needs to be sacked bcoz he is clueless. I hope im wrong and we beat Chelsea but this can’t possibly be our best team? Ole said “you reward good performances” so why not let the lad Tuanzebe start? He was superb Tuesday night. I feel sorry for Van De Beek as well. The lads hungry and he is c… See More. Jewu Ibrahim Rafiu
Ole and Maguire are the only problems in united now.
We have better players. But no better coach.. A manager that continues to pick Fred and the aweful James over likes of Greenwood Mata DVDB and Pogba seriously shouldn’t be in a job as big as this… Yeah he’d a Utd legend (allways will be) bur what is going through his head James is nowhere near a… See More. Today’s selection proves that Ole doesn’t have any clue about his players perfomance and potentials. He’s over obsess with overrated Bruno & Captain Lulawk. Under him, Pogba is just a natural football player! Pathetic!

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