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Did he?? Didn’t notice. I’d dropped off to sleep by then … Boring United lineup.. He looked sharp. Needs more creative play to feed him. Daniel James was awful needs to be loaned out ASAP.. We miss him. Ole is stupid, his main problem is team selection. Today he brings lingard tomorrow Jones.. Twaambo Chuula. The level of incompetence on the side of the coach is costing us so badly. What was James doing on the pitch? And why is not using his new signings? Left Greenwood on the bench. We should be blaming the coach and not the players. We have quality player… See More. If Ole can’t use player well. Let them leave, give them a chance to shine somewhere else. It’s so saddening seeing some good players not getting a chance. Ole is just too odd as a Coach. CAVANI is a world class then you hold him on sit.

Personalized I’ve only been with you for just a little while mug

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Two brilliant performances by Victor. Him and Tuanzebe is our best centre half partnership and Bruno captain!. Thomas Adah. We played really well…Rashford should have tried to chip the ball…James James James the road runner with no mission and purpose at all. Maguire and James should be warming the benches always. What’s so special with maguire that makes us always to lose except today when he’s on the filed??. Mohamed Shariff Zarina Jane. But I prefer Pogba though didn’t play full time,,,his touches were really awesome. Ole doesn’t have his starting 11 ever since his plays his favourites always…if he can play with a lineup against Newcastle man united can go too far not this poor. I think ole should always start playing with tuanzebe we also need van de beek he is a good player James is selfish just running with no ideas ole must pool up. But wan bissaka did so much for him,,, look at those interceptions he made

Personalized I’ve only been with you for just a little while mug

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Abdirihiim Mohamed
players like van de beek don’t deserve to sat in the bench please start him in the next two games ole .he is great player with one touch passes scoring goals and creating chances and also with passion…you should be ashamed for wasting this talent..he is far better than pogba. Anthony Matara
He was solid took risks and overall very good but come on guys we need to personally call ole and tell him vdb needs to start
#ggmu. I think he’s gave up being second to Maguire…. He is now the stronger of the 2 and doesn’t rely on Maguire to control the back 4.
Tuanzabe and Lindelof at the back could be great.. El B Thansanga
Reason why Ole didn’t play VDB: Because he did not like VDB expressing his thoughts after his debut “the game was slow” and that set off Ole.. When we defend a defender will get man of the match. Piss poor, boring, why spend money when you don’t play them. If you can’t play attacking football at home Ole , leave and we’ll get pochetino before Real do.

Kostadin Naskov
You guys in this page… you are absolutely blind and foolish. Wrong and fearful squad selection. Chelsea were begging us to score, bud we had Fred, who got over 10 wrong passes and James, who’s level in very best case is championship instead od Pogba, Dony or Greenwood! Sack Ole, bring Pochetino or we will forever be middle table team. Sorry, but this is the truth.. Let the manager manage ….and give him time…fergie took years to form a great team…jumping on the back of a new manager is not the answer….. I missed this guy… Htoo ArKar
It should be Ole … l love united players, but l hate OGS tactic, he didn’t know how to play possession foot ball. With OGS, we will not win any trophies for ever. It is better to sack Ole. But l respect to Ole, He is better to work at sporting directer , b/c he is smart on the selection of players in transfer window, but not know how to organized the players on the pitch.

Nearly but I thought Dan James was shocking today yes he’s young and still has a lot to learn and that can be coached but he lacks Football Intelligence for me I think the starting line up was wrong by Ole in my opinion and Donny should of started I do… See More. Tom Langhor. Why not give them full time so that we can get good results VDB and Cavani. He couldn’t do anything
SILVA got everything covered. As much as I want Cavani to succeed, almost isn’t enough…lol! Joking aside, I really hope Cavani makes an impact! I could care less how people say, should’ve bought him 5 years ago etc. He’s a true professional, he’s more dedicated than some of the y… See More. Ole need prayers
Cavani and Alex Telles, Van Beek.. Simon Waters. Perhaps if we’d played Van de Beek then Cavani would have had a few more chances to score

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