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I can’t wait for George to be on a competitive team. Whether he leaves. Or Williams gets it together with the new regulations. I like watching him.. Tom Dawson. Andrew Stocks. Mercedes would be best off switching Bottas and Russell by mid-season. I know many people gawk at the idea of that, but hear me out. I think that it’d be great for Williams to get a decent driver in Bottas who brings a plethora of experience at a championship level team to the table. He’s seen the processes at Mercedes and understands how they operate. He’s familiar with the team overall, but it has changed significantly already under Capito and Dorilton. God surrounded by Aussie angels poster By switching Bottas and Russell mid-season, you’re allowing both drivers to get settled into their new homes and learn the new processes for several race weekends. It will soften the blow of an already overbearing off-season where the entire aerodynamic design is changing. Also, both teams will get tangible data on their drivers which they can then use for the 2022 season. Even though the cars will drive differently, things like the PU and brake characteristics will remain the same. They can carry forward the data that the drivers give them and help wean them into a complex 2022 season. Both Bottas and Russell have said that “it’d be better for everyone to have a deal done by the summer break”. I agree with that. I absolutely don’t want to lose Bottas. I think it’d be immensely advantageous to both Bottas and Williams to team up. It would also be advantageous to both teams and both drivers to get them comfortable before the 2022 season. Russell has proven that he can jump into that Mercedes and drive incredibly well with only three days notice. Give him two weeks and a car that actually fits him and I think Mercedes walks away with this championship.

God surrounded by Aussie angels poster

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Димитър Венедиков God surrounded by Aussie angels poster 15/16. Got Barcelona wrong, whatever.. Rushing too much had me mistake that Suzuka hairpin. Tamás Gajdos. We are racing circuit/geography nerds, please give us more. 16/16. 15/16 only one I got wrong was a Suzuka Corner!. 15/16, got Estoril/Mugello mixed up. . 10/16. I really suck at these games. I even got albert park wrong, never actually noticed that there is a lake in there ( i haven’t seen the actual circuit in tv because i only started following F1 after Hungary 2019). But the one that surprised me was the Redbull ring, man, i felt so stupid after that.. 15/16, didn’t focus on valencia. More of these please ! . 16/16 only one that took a minute was whether the hairpin was Suzuka or Nurburgring.. 12/16 only cus I dont know the actual names of the tracks but I know what track it is. 13/16, I’m happy with that

God surrounded by Aussie angels poster

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