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No one knows what it means but it’s provocative! Gets the people going!. *Goes to tiktok to see what people think the vault songs are*. Taylor really said Spelling is Fun and she MEANT it.. The song we hear is being played backwards. The “Red” vault tracks titles are scrambled.. HEY KIDS SPELLING IS FUN!!!. Also: has anyone played the audio backwards? It’s backwards…. BON IVER Mickey Mouse universe hawaiian shirt ED SHEERAN. Because of Taylor all of her fans becomes Einstein or Sherlock Holmes in solving puzzles and making theories. I’m still waiting for a smart Swiftie in the comment section to decode it and have its theory. . Nobody want to plei with u We cảm thấy rất tired when chị give the hint so much. So what’s next? Jigsaw puzzles????? :’). “TRYING TO SOLVE A CROSSWORD AND REALIZING THERES NO RIGHT ANSWER?”. And maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much but maybe this thing was a masterpiece til you tore it all up.

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Sarah MoralleThank you for folklore. I needed It and it will always be a special album to me 8 . Fouzia AreebahHappyyy first anniversary “FOLKLORE” my LOVE The gorgeous Folklore is something that is so close to my heart attached!!! I can never ever get bored of any of the folklore songs!!! All, eac… See more4 . Krizia Pearlit’s been a year, happy anniversary folklore, one of my fave album. thanks for existing, you really saved me. haha drop exile mv manang taylor happy birthday album of the year 3 . Cristine AlisonHappy anniversary to my favorite album!!!!4 . Isabella SoubletteStill the best bday present ever! Happy album anniversary 3 . Farah ShahinHappy anniversary to the greatest album ever made. It came out literally at the hardest time of my life so far. Thank you for saving me with your music always I love you so much 5 . Sandra Rodelyn DimasangalTime flies…happy anniversary to the album…love u Taylor  Mickey Mouse universe hawaiian shirt

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